Les frais de scolarité s'élèvent à 1 890 000 CFA

ClaireFontainte International University is committed to offering excellent undergraduate programs at a reasonable cost in order to allow students from different backgrounds an opportunity to access a bilingual university (French-English), rigorous and experienced. Tuition Costs Tuition fees are calculated based on your profile and the number of sessions (semesters) in which you are registered. The amounts invoiced per session include general tuition fees as well as other costs linked, among other things, to the maintenance of the various University services and educational supervision. * The application fee is 100,000 FCFA (non-refundable) payable when the student submits their application and are not included in the tuition. It is the policy of ClaireFontaine International University that a registered student of the University must be fully liable for all tuition fees, even if they partially or completely cancel their registration, and decide to leave the University, whether or not he has taken courses. The University considers requests for fee refunds and/or fee waivers due to extraordinary circumstances. Please note that the University no longer accepts cash as a method of payment for tuition fees. Cash payments are made to the BNI; on the UICF account: CI092 – 01009- 0034 3034 0007 RIB key 59;
allow 100f CFA for the State stamp for all payments.
The bank payment slip must be deposited with the Administration Department, the payment receipt by check only after actual receipt of the amount written on the check.
If the check is rejected due to insufficient funds, the students concerned will no longer be authorized to pay by check. They will now have to pay the fees due by bank deposit.
Any semester started is due in full.
For library fines, meals and other incidental fees, however, cash payments are still accepted for payment of the following: • Academic records/results – Official Transcript • Proof of registration – Application fees • Transcripts student account.
* Academic Merit Scholarship Opportunities A limited number of scholarships are offered by our partners to new students based on merit. Our partners would like to finance 5 to 10% of the total cost of education for candidates who can bring something new to our University: open-mindedness, leadership, competitiveness, resilience in studies, excellence, and academic skills.